May 2020 - Life has altered dramatically over the past few months. In May, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter station retrograde (among other planetary aspects), suggesting more shifts on the way and offering us a chance to slow down, integrate, reevaluate, and explore situations more deeply before we move ahead.

We’re in Taurus season, with the sun transiting the sign for the first three weeks of May, offering a chance to stabilize and get grounded amid all the changes. On May 4, the sun meets communication planet Mercury in Taurus, bringing a chance for real talk and shedding light on the reality of a situation.

As the Scorpio full moon aligns on the seventh, there are more revelations surfacing surrounding personal and sexual commitments, business partnerships, finances, power dynamics, and situations that might feel like life-or-death matters. This is the end of a cycle, but with the moon in Scorpio and the sun in Taurus, it would be best to avoid clinging to what is changing and try to be patient with a process of transformation.

On May 10, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius. It reenters Capricorn on July 1 and stations direct on September 28. Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21, in the throes of the global health pandemic, sequestering a majority of the world in lockdown and making social distancing the new reality. But with global activity restricted, there has also been a dramatic decrease in global levels of air pollution (Aquarius is a fixed air sign).

On a personal level, too, there have been widespread consequences as we’ve had to learn to adjust to a new reality. At best, this has given us time and space to reflect on our lives, what matters to us, and what we stand for. Now, as Saturn stations retrograde, there’s a sense of walls coming down and boundaries relaxing. The pressure is lifting, giving us breathing room to restructure a situation and integrate the lessons we’ve recently learned.

Mercury enters Gemini on the eleventh, bringing a flurry of conversations and information and presenting us with choices. Mars enters Pisces the next day, firing up the imagination, creativity, and romance.

Hours later on the same day, Venus stations retrograde in Gemini, and remains so until June 24, marking a phase of deeper evaluation of financial situations, relationships, and creative circumstances as we learn another side to situations. On a mundane level, Venus retrograde will also be a time when we see stories in the news surrounding women, and it can also mark times when we see “scandals” emerge.

On May 14, Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn, drawing us into a phase of inner exploration, expansion, and discovery, and revealing buried information, potential, and perhaps treasures. Dig deep.

Finally, on the twentieth, the sun enters Gemini, followed by the Gemini new moon two days later, marking a passionate new beginning. This is a chance to move inward and reconnect with an inner truth and listen to your inner voice. Then you can be guided to make the choices that are right for you.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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