May 2020 - You’re in your element this month with the sun transiting your sign. But with three planets stationing retrograde, including your ruler Venus, expect major developments drawing you to reconsider your life, career, and direction.

On May 4, the sun meets Mercury in Taurus, followed by the Scorpio full moon on the seventh, bringing a moment of truth and significant relationships to light. This is the end of a cycle, but it’s a chance to deepen connections that support your dreams and offer you the freedom and security you desire.

Saturn stations retrograde on May 10, just as the sun connects with Neptune, bringing major professional developments. This will mean reevaluating your professional and personal goals and restructuring life to make room for your growing ambitions.

On the eleventh, Mercury enters Gemini, followed by your ruler Venus turning retrograde the next day, highlighting a financial situation. But with Venus retrograde until June 24, this calls for a deeper reassessment of your recent choices, finances, relationships, and values. You’re worth twice as much as you think you are. You have a lot to offer. As you heal your self-esteem, you can attract what or who you desire.

Mars enters Pisces on the same day, heating up your life and bringing passionate connections that can help you further your ambitions. But if you don’t know someone well, or you meet someone new at this time, rather than jump in with both feet, move slowly until you have all the information.

Jupiter stations retrograde on May 14, bringing a major change in direction. For some, this might mean an actual change in travel plans, but even on a metaphorical level, this is a chance to reexamine the big picture of your life. Don't resent a detour. There's a better way forward and you're being guided.

The sun enters Gemini on the twentieth, followed by the Gemini new moon two days later, when Mercury meets Venus to bring exciting financial opportunities and new beginnings. There could even be professional rewards coming your way now. Value yourself and you can attract the resources or relationships you desire, ones that give back equally and are worthy of your time, attention, and commitment.

Standout days: 4, 10, 12
Challenging days: 3, 12, 20

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